Monday, 16 July 2018

Two most recent FO's

We are having a really cold winter this year and I find that wearing a hat as well as a scarf or cowl helps me to keep warm on my morning commute to work. I bought myself a beret which I wear quite often and then decided to knit one, as well, The yarn which I used for this beret and cowl is Adriafil  Zebrino. It's a 10ply yarn and is very soft and warm, but light. The yarn is variegated and the colours are grey, dark red and light red, so this set looks good with my red coat and would also go well with grey or even black.
I bought the yarn in a shop in Thames when I was there over Easter weekend and as I was not entirely sure as to what I would use it for, only bought four skeins. After knitting my beret and cowl I still have two skeins left and might use them to knit a pair of fingerless mittens.

Saturday, 7 July 2018

June/ July Update

It is now July, my birthday month and I find it hard to believe that we are already in the seventh month of the year.
At the beginning of June, just after Queen's Birthday Weekend, I went down with a bad cold which started with a sore throat, aches all over my body and a stuffy nose. I spent a couple of days at home, during which time I rested, watched Netflix and did some knitting and reading.

I put my feather and fan shawl aside while I completed a couple of smaller projects, namely a beret and a ribbed cowl, both of which were worked in a lovely soft worsted weight yarn. I was also keen to cast on a sweater for myself; I did in fact get as far as casting on a sweater which is featured in a copy of Simply Knitting which I recently bought, but after having knitted about 15 cm on the back, I frogged it, as I felt that the yarn I was using was not suitable for this particular design. The yarn in question is Cleckheaton Country 8 ply and as I bought a large amount, I thought of using it to make a fisherman's rib jumper, which takes a lot of yarn. I cast on a small number of stitches and knitted a few centimetres in fisherman's rib and found that the yarn looked much better knitted up in this stitch than in stocking stitch.

I have since started working on my shawl again and am now more than halfway through, so am trying to work on it as consistently as possible, as I would like to have it finished before the end of winter. We have had some really cold snaps and will probably have a few more during the coming weeks, so a warm shawl will come in very handy. I do have a triangular shawl which I knitted many years ago and still wear from time to time, but the one I am currently working on is rectangular and when it is finished, will be large enough to wrap right around my body.

 I recently treated myself to some Rowan yarn which I ordered online from Loveknitting in the UK. I shall be using it to knit myself a  slouchy hat in fisherman's rib. Rowan is good quality yarn, but is not cheap and I don't think I could justify paying a couple of hundred dollars for a sweater's worth, which is why I opted for a small project.

Wednesday, 16 May 2018

Another hand towel for my kitchen

I recently finished this hand towel which I'll be using in my kitchen. I now have two WIP's, a feather and fan shawl and an Irish Hiking Scarf neck warmer.
I made a lightweight version of the shawl several years ago and the yarn I used was a 4 ply cotton, but for this shawl I am using 8 ply yarn, which is made in New Zealand and is a blend of alpaca and merino, which makes it deliciously soft and squishy. The yarn I am using for my neck warmer is an Italian yarn called Adriafil Zebrino, which is 53% wool and 47% acrylic.

Tuesday, 8 May 2018

Teal blue dishcloth

The yarn I used for this dishcloth is Moda Vera Ombre Delights ; it's a double knit cotton and is very soft, so is ideal for washcloths or dishcloths. I bought four skeins and each is a different shade of blue. I am now using two of the skeins in contrasting shades, and am making a hand towel for my kitchen. The basket weave pattern is very easy, so I have been working on this project on both my morning and late afternoon commutes to and from work.

At the moment I am at home, having a long overdue break from work. The past month has been vey tiring, as I have been training a new staff member and it has been difficult to say the least! I was not very happy about having to do it in the first place and it has proved to be too much for me, given my current emotional and mental state. The first anniversary of my husband's death is fast approaching and  for the past weeks  I have been overwhelmed with sadness. I went to see my doctor, who told me that in her opinion I am significantly depressed and experiencing intense delayed grief. I have been taking antidepressant medication for the past 18 months, but was on a low dose, so my doctor has increased my dosage and will also be giving me a referral for counselling, which she and I both agree will be beneficial at this stage.

I am at home today, just taking it easy, or " chilling", as my younger son would say. I had an easy morning and will be taking a nap after lunch, as I am feeling tired and later this afternoon will spend some time watching something on Netflix and doing some knitting. I plan to go down to the local shopping centre tomorrow morning and as there is a knitting group which meets at the library, I think I will go and join them for an hour or two of knitting and conversation. Several of the public libraries in Auckland have knitting groups which meet on weekday mornings when I am normally at work, so I thought that as I am at home for a short time, it would be good for me to go along to a couple of them and make some new friends.

Friday, 27 April 2018

Blue Bedsocks

I have just finished off these socks while listening to the latest Very Pink Knits podcast. I love audio knitting podcasts, but don't seem to have much time to listen to them all that often, which is a pity. I did get into the habit of listening to them at work, but training a new staff member for the past six weeks has put paid to that.
The socks are a lovely shade of blue, but for some reason they look almost grey in this photo. I like to take photos in daylight, but today is a dark and rainy day, which could explain why the colour looks a bit different.

Friday, 20 April 2018

April update

This is my first post for the month and the month is almost over! As I have been incredibly busy at work, training a new staff member and trying to cope with my own work, I have not had the time to post here.
After I had finished my crochet blanket, I cast on a pair of bed socks. I am using the  Blueberry Waffle Sock pattern, one I have used before and find very easy to follow. The pattern calls for 8ply/ DK yarn , which I have used previously, but this time I am using Regia 6 ply sock yarn in a lovely shade of blue. The first sock is done and I am now knitting the heel on the second sock.

I have also cast on a shawl, but have only worked a few rows, so have not as yet taken any photos of it. The yarn I am using for my shawl is Skeinz Heritage Alpaca, which is made right here in New Zealand and the pattern I'm using is the Easy Peazy Shawl, a free pattern which I downloaded from Ravelry.

Saturday, 24 March 2018

My crochet blanket

I started this project in September 2017 and have just finished it, so it has taken me about six months to finish. I worked on it quite consistently, but also took a couple of breaks to work on a few small knitting projects.
The completion of the project, which was quite time-consuming, involved joining squares together to form rows and then joining the rows together. At the moment the weather isn't cold enough for the blanket, but I couldn't resist putting it on my bed and taking a couple of photos.