Saturday, 28 February 2015

My new WIP

I am now working on a teddy bear's sweater  using one of my favourite patterns from this book:


Friday, 27 February 2015

Knits for Children and their Teddies

This is a useful book for knitters, as it has so many patterns for lovely sweaters and accessories which come in a variety of sizes for teddy bears and children alike.

I have used this pattern over and over again, as it is so quick and easy to knit and uses very little yarn.

Thursday, 26 February 2015

Emma RAL

I belong to a group on Ravelry which is called Austentatious Fibre Artists and am going to be taking part in an Emma read along. I am very familiar with the story, but I find that being part of a group RAL and participating in online discussions gives one a fresh perspective.

Saturday, 14 February 2015

Teddy Bears

I started my small collection of teds more than ten years ago and this guy, aka Bertie, was the first bear I bought. I had been having a particularly bad day at work and when my husband and I stopped at the supermarket en route home, I saw a display of cute little teddies on sale and just couldn't resist this one! My dear old dad bought me my very first teddy when I was a baby and according to my mum, the bear was much bigger than I was, as I was only five months old at the time. She said that as a toddler, I was rather scared of my teddy and would only play with him if she dressed him in some of my old baby clothes, hence my  penchant for dressing teddy bears.

This lovely lass is called Tessie, as she has always reminded me of Tessie Bear in Enid Blyton's Noddy books. I made her dress and have also knitted her several sweaters.


Here are Bevo and Dono bear, modelling some of the jumpers and cardigans I have made for them. I named them after my two sons, much to their amusement! My older son is called Bevan aka Bevo and his younger bother is Donovan aka Dono.

I bought these two bears while we were living in Australia. They were sold as Christmas bears, the kind which wear red Christmas hats  and can be bought for under $10 in shops like Kmart.
I have since knitted them each a  Christmas sweater and matching hat and dress them up each year during the festive season.

This sweet little bear is called Murphy and I bought him while on a visit to Melbourne. He was dressed in a white jumper with an Australian flat appliqued on the front. I have since had to knit him another jumper, as the white one was ruined in the wash - the colours from the flag had run and bled onto the white yarn - not a good look!

These two bears dressed in naval uniforms were bought for me by my husband when he and I were visiting Devonport, which is a lovely coastal town and naval base on the North Shore of Auckland.

My craft room

I deleted my previous blog a few months ago, but then I realised that I actually missed blogging, so have started a new one.
I have decided to devote this first post to my craft room, as it so special to me. For many years I only ever had a craft corner which consisted of a table for my sewing machine and a bookcase for my knitting books and magazines, as well as some containers for my collection of knitting needles and crochet hooks.
We are now living in a three bedroomed house, so the smallest of the bedrooms is my craft room.
This is a recent photograph and was taken in the early morning with the summer sun streaming in through the window. The room can be a bit warm during late afternoons and early evenings in summer, hence the fan. I shall definitely be packing the fan away at the end of summer; it's really useful, but does tend to get in the way at times.

My husband and I were browsing in our local Salvation Army store, when I suddenly caught sight of this lovely old armchair and decided that I had to buy it for my craft room! It was clean and in good condition and only cost me $50, which I think was a real bargain.
I also bought two new cushions, which make it super comfortable! During the working week, once dinner is over, I love to sit in my craft room and knit while listening to some music or an audiobook.