Saturday, 14 February 2015

My craft room

I deleted my previous blog a few months ago, but then I realised that I actually missed blogging, so have started a new one.
I have decided to devote this first post to my craft room, as it so special to me. For many years I only ever had a craft corner which consisted of a table for my sewing machine and a bookcase for my knitting books and magazines, as well as some containers for my collection of knitting needles and crochet hooks.
We are now living in a three bedroomed house, so the smallest of the bedrooms is my craft room.
This is a recent photograph and was taken in the early morning with the summer sun streaming in through the window. The room can be a bit warm during late afternoons and early evenings in summer, hence the fan. I shall definitely be packing the fan away at the end of summer; it's really useful, but does tend to get in the way at times.

My husband and I were browsing in our local Salvation Army store, when I suddenly caught sight of this lovely old armchair and decided that I had to buy it for my craft room! It was clean and in good condition and only cost me $50, which I think was a real bargain.
I also bought two new cushions, which make it super comfortable! During the working week, once dinner is over, I love to sit in my craft room and knit while listening to some music or an audiobook.

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