Saturday, 27 June 2015

Ribs and cables

I really like classic patterns for cardigans and sweaters, as they are timeless designs which always look good. I have made myself a couple of sweaters and a sleeveless pullover using patterns in this book and have now cast on another sweater, the lovely design shown on the front cover of the pattern book. I knitted this particular sweater about five years ago and instead of making a V-neck, I opted for the round neck which I didn't find all that flattering and ended up giving the sweater to charity.

I bought the yarn for my sweater yesterday and cast on  the back last night while watching a DVD. I am still working on the rib, so haven't bothered to take a photo of my WIP. I am using Crucci 8ply which is 100% wool, but is machine washable. The colour I chose is a lovely shade of blue which should  look good with denims for weekend wear.

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