Friday, 13 November 2015

November update

Where do the months go? It's a cliché I know, but I just cannot believe how quickly this year has gone!
It has been a difficult year for me; not only did I experience a great deal of stress at work during the first half of the year, but then in June my dentist told me that due to advanced gum disease, all my teeth would have to be extracted and that I would need full dentures. It was a great shock; at first I was devastated and it took me a while to come to terms with the situation. In August I had all my premolars and molars top and bottom removed, as well as one very loose tooth in the front in lower left jaw and was left with just eleven teeth in my mouth. Fortunately my gums healed really well and a couple of weeks ago I went back to the dentist to have the first of the impressions taken for the dentures. I still need to go for two more appointments and only then will my remaining teeth be extracted and the dentures fitted. I am keen to have it all finished and my dentist has assured me that it will be done before Christmas, so I need to exercise a bit of patience.

I have not been doing very much in the way of knitting lately; I recently completed a  lightweight cowl and a pair of cotton ankle socks and am now working on another pair of socks. The yarn I am using for this project is called Verbundenheit ( this is a German word and translated into English it means intimacy or togetherness) and it's an Opal sock yarn made by Zwerger Garn.

I think it's an interesting combination of colours, with the deep pink and dark grey being the two predominant shades.

I am planning to do some sewing this summer, but have not made a start yet, as I am taking it really easy this weekend and am not  in the mood for cutting out a pattern. This morning when I was busy doing my laundry, I washed the piece of Japanese lawn which I recently bought, so at least it's all good to go as they say here in New Zealand.

About a month  ago I ordered a couple of adult colouring books online and they arrived in the mail this week, so last night I sat down with my coloured pencils and spent a relaxing hour doing some colouring while listening to an audiobook. At first I thought that the whole concept of adult colouring books was a bit crazy, but after hearing a work colleague saying that it's a  satisfying hobby, I decided to give it a go and found that it really enjoyable.

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