Saturday, 26 December 2015

December update

The month of December has been incredibly busy, which is why I have not managed to post here until today. At the beginning of the month, DH was referred to an ENT specialist by our GP, as he had a sore throat and was finding eating difficult, as he had trouble swallowing. After using a scope to look at DH's throat, the specialist told us that the throat itself looked fine, but that the thyroid was enlarged, so he recommended an ultrasound and a gastroscopy to check the oesophagus. DH has had the ultrasound done and is due to have a gastroscopy on 12 January, just a week after we both return to work.

My son injured himself at work, which resulted in an umbilical hernia and he had surgery on 15 December and was told not to do any heavy lifting for six weeks. He was due to go on leave on 24 December, but has been off work since 13 December and should be back at work in mid-January.

On 10 December I had my remaining teeth extracted, so am now adjusting to life with dentures. The first few days after the extractions were the worst; my mouth was very sore and I dosed myself with painkillers and rinsed with salt water several times a day. I also developed ulcers on my gums; they were really painful, but have now almost healed, which makes life much easier. My dentures look very good and friends and family have all said that they look just like natural teeth, which is quite reassuring.

We went out to DH's cousins for Christmas lunch, which we enjoyed, even though I was not able to eat very much. For the first couple of days after the extractions, I ate mainly soup and yoghurt, but now I'm managing to eat foods like fish, chicken and eggs, as well as soft fruit and vegetables and have also started eating toast again.

I am still working on the socks which I started last month; I finished the first sock on Christmas Eve and cast on the second, but thus far have only managed to do a few rounds of rib.
I have always love knitting cables, so about four weeks ago I started knitting this Irish Hiking Scarf, which I finished last week.

As I am on leave at the moment, it's really good to have more time for crafting and I have made a start on my patchwork hexagons. Earlier this week I spent a very relaxing afternoon doing some work on them while listening to Christmas CD's.

DH and I have been to the cinema a couple of times; on Wednesday we went to see the new Star Wars movie and today, instead of rushing around the shops trying to grab bargains in the Boxing Day sales, we went to see Suffragette, which was  very intense and thought-provoking.

The weather has warmed up, so we are having some lovely sunny days, but when we went down to the beach early this  morning, we found that the sea is still quite cold. I think that we should rather go in the afternoon next time - hopefully the water will have had some time to warm up a bit!

Christmas has come and gone and the year is almost over , so now my family and I are looking forward to a new year, hoping that 2016 will be a better year for us all.

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