Saturday, 30 January 2016

FO: Opal Verbundenheit Socks

Finished at last! I started these socks in November last year and only finished them a few days ago. I have a drawer full of hand knitted socks, so will probably not be knitting any more for a while. I do find that once I have completed a pair of socks, I always have some yarn left, so I wind it into a small ball and add it to my sock yarn jar which is on my sewing table and is just visible in this photograph.
I recently came across a pattern for mitred squares; it was originally designed for knitting up squares from scraps of leftover, although heavier yarns and larger needles could be used if one wanted larger squares.
The pattern is very popular on Ravelry and some knitters have created beautiful blankets and cushion covers from their sock yarn squares, which would have taken many squares and much knitting! I tend to be the sort of knitter who starts a project with the end product in mind, so at first I wasn't sure that I would have the patience to attempt such a long term project. I have now completed my first square and love the look of it, so am going to knit some more from the rest of my sock yarn scraps and at a later stage will decide what to do with my squares.

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