Saturday, 28 May 2016

May update

It is now almost the end of May and winter is here! The weather was mild in March and April, but during this month, it became decidedly chilly and we have been having a fair amount of rain, as well.
I have unpacked all my winter clothes and am now working hard to finish my Mr Greenjeans cardigan which I started in early April and had put aside for a couple of weeks while working on a few small projects. I have now finished one sleeve and have made a start on the second, so am hoping to have it all done within a another week or two.

I enjoy knitting washcloths and dishcloths when I'm in the mood for some easy knitting and recently made a lacy washcloth for myself, as well as some new dishcloths for the kitchen.

After I'd finished my teal Mr Greenjeans cardigan last winter I had some yarn left over and have used some of it to make this Irish Hiking Cowl.

Teal is one of my favourite colours and I think it looks especially good with black.

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