Saturday, 15 October 2016

October update

I have been quite busy at work and at home, so have done not very much in the way of knitting. It's been a case of just doing a few rows in the evenings while listening to an audiobook, but having said that, I did manage to finish a baby hat over this weekend and have also completed a baby jumper, but still need to sew it up and knit up the neck.

I am still working on my sock yarn squares, albeit rather slowly, but it is a long term project, so I am not too worried about my lack of progress. Last night I did some work on the sweater I started about six weeks ago, but I am not very happy with the yarn, as it has a tendency to split, which I find very frustrating. I am using bamboo needles, so I wondered whether I should perhaps try other needles and see whether they make any difference; if I still have problems, I might consider frogging the project, which would be a pity, as I bought 13 skeins of yarn for the sweater.

Apart from knitting, I have been doing quite a lot of reading lately. I read The Girl On The Train and then went to see the movie last week with a couple of the ladies from my meet up group. The book club book for this month is The Lake House by Kate Morton, a book which I thoroughly enjoyed and finished reading last night. It has over 500 pages and I was a bit worried about not being able to finish it in time for the book club dinner which is on Tuesday 18 October, but I found the story so absorbing that I just couldn't put it down!


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